M Litt  from University of Glasgow

M Litt from University of Glasgow

Welcome to Dr Kirk’s Cross-Cultural Consultancy 

Doing business with the Chinese is increasingly common. There is a need for effective oral and written communication between the Middle Kingdom and the United Kingdom. Winning a deal and maintaining good ‘Guanxi’/ relations requires understanding.

Understanding what your client or customer is saying is vital. Increasingly British institutions and companies are working with people whose first language is Mandarin Chinese, the official language of Mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore. A good Mandarin interpreter is often crucial in helping you to overcome the language and cultural barriers. The quality of interpreting matters greatly for any individuals and companies when you are holding business meetings with Chinese-speaking suppliers or visitors. When you are able to communicate clearly and effectively, it will help you in securing an important contract or building long-lasting relationships.

Cross-Cultural Consultancy 

A Business Visit to a Chinese Hospital

Dr Kirk’s Cross-Cultural Consultancy  provides a wide range of consultancy on British companies doing business in China and Chinese companies working with UK businesses. Western companies and multinational enterprises.

Dr Kirk accompanied a number of UK companies/business people to visit their clients, factories and attended Exhibitions and other missions in China.

Further information about Junying, her writing and other interesting pursuits can be found at her blog: http://www.junyingkirk.com.

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  1. Johnson says:

    We seem to have same professional interests (cultural aspects of translation). Check my (Ngala Johnson) “Cultural Lacunae in Translation” Université de Montréal, 1989.


    Ngala Johnson Tanyu

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